Who we are

The Gourmet Rodent was founded by Bill and Marcia Brant in 1986. What began as a simple rodent feeder operation quickly grew into one of the largest reptile breeding facilities in the world.   Now owned and operated by Mike and Betsy Layman, we still provide the same quality feeder products and wide range of captive bred and imported animals.

“Providing quality animals through superior care since 1986.”

The Gourmet Rodent specializes in two very distinct areas of the reptile industry: frozen feeder animals and reptile production. In both areas of our business, we are committed to providing quality products and excellent customer service.

What we do

Welfare of the animals always comes first. This is how we operate our facility on a daily basis. Special care is always taken to ensure that our animals are living healthy happy lives from the day they arrive or are born in our facility to the day they make it to their new homes. We sell individual animals as well as larger wholesale lots.
Frozen foods make up a large portion of our business. We take great pride in providing superior quality frozen foods to individuals and institutions alike. We currently work with several zoos, wildlife rehabilitation centers, and even a few theme parks to provide frozen mice, rats, rabbits, and chicks to feed many different kinds of animals.
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Meet Our Team