Most of the time they will easily switch to eating frozen/thawed prey with little to no help on your part. Make sure that the prey item is slightly warm and offer it with tongs. Sometimes wiggling the food or dragging it across the cage may help. Often this isn’t a permanent necessity and they will learn to just accept it willingly when set in the cage. Depending on your substrate choice you may want to put it on a small plate or paper to avoid debris sticking to the thawed prey item.

Don’t worry if this doesn’t work right away! Just have some patience, it will not hurt them to miss a meal or two. You can try leaving the dead prey in the cage for longer, even as long as overnight. If they still won’t accept the frozen/thawed prey item you can try offering them a small live item first, then immediately following it with a frozen thawed item. With a little time and persistence most will accept frozen/thawed food eventually.

Making sure your new pet arrives safely to its new home is very important to us. Because of this all animals are shipped via priority overnight services unless otherwise specified. We ship via FedEx and UPS. Dates on which we ship and arrival times may vary depending on weather conditions, holidays, and locations. We only ship within our acceptable temperature ranges (as low as 30 degrees and as high as 90 degrees) and will use heat packs or cold packs as necessary at no additional cost to you. Live arrival is guaranteed only if the animals are received on the first delivery attempt. If there are any problems with the shipment you must contact us within 2 hours of the delivery. Photos must be provided for DOA claims. If you are ever unsure please feel free to ask.

Pickups are also available if you are coming through the area of live locally. However, since we are not a store we are not setup for regular retail. If you would like to pick up an animal we would process a shipment like normal and instead of shipping setup an appointment for you to come by our main office to pick it up rather than ship it.


Buying an animal from us at a trade show? We offer a 7 day guarantee from the date which you purchased the animal at a show for a refund or replacement. You must have your receipt from the show for the specific animal being replaced or returned. If an animal is sick or perished you must also provide us with pictures of the enclosure and animal.

There are a lot of factors that can be at play here and there isn’t one single answer to give. Sometimes it is just as simple as changing the size of a prey item and sometimes the setup just isn’t right and requires a whole new cage or layout. Here are a few things to get you started on the road to a healthy eating animal.


How long has the animal been in this enclosure? Sometimes they just need to settle in.

How long since the last feeding? They might not be hungry.

Are your temperature ranges are correct for the species you are housing? Wrong temps or huge fluctuations can upset some species.

Are you sure the prey item is the correct size? Even if it is sometimes a smaller prey will get them jumpstarted.

Does the food need to be left out for a longer period of time? Sometimes they will not eat if they do not feel safe. Leave the room for a bit and see if it helps.

Is the cage layout too confusing for them to find or catch their food? Have a lot of stuff in the cage? Maybe live prey items can’t be seen or the bowl can’t be reached easily.